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Mitochondria Activator

Mitochondria are the power stations of all human cells. They convert nutrients like lipids, proteins & carbohydrates into energy in the presence of oxygen. Modern life style diseases are often related to Mitochondrial dysfunctions that need to be addressed.

Enedria™ - 30 years of Scientific Research

Enedria™ is a Dietary Supplement bioprocessed mostly from marine lipids & peptides, Astaxathin and L-Carnitine. Our formula, made from natural ingredients, has been developed over 30 years of scientific research and pre-clinical tests in Norway and abroad.

The components, acting in synergy, can attenuate the progression of metabolic dysfunctions around the gut, liver, heart and brain axis. They can increase the number of Mitochondria and stimulate their function to help the cells generate more energy. L-Carnitine also contributes to burn fat-molecules in the cells, producing additional energy.

By activating the mitochondrial function, energy levels are increased, cells regenerated and a healthier ageing occurs.


Novel combination of bioactive compounds acting in synergy that can activate the Mitochondrial Function to prevent neurodegenerative dysfunctions including cardiometabolic syndrome.

Our ingredients work in combination delivering a synergetic effect:

Fatty Acids




Professor Rolf Kristian Berge

Professor Rolf Kristian Berge is the researcher and entrepreneur behind Enedria™.

He has largely devoted his life to research into various fatty acids, since the early 80s Haukeland University Hospital has been his workplace.

Rolf K. Berge is now professor emeritus, but is still active with research and projects and is passionate about innovation.

He has been very concerned with health, lipids/proteins and innovation.

Enedria™ is the result of many years of research and development by Professor Rolf Berge and his team in Norway. Berge is a leading expert in marine peptides and has published a number of studies on the health benefits of these natural compounds.

Rolf K. Berge

With Enedria™, Professor Berge and his team have created a truly ground-breaking supplement that has the potential to change the way we age and maintain our health.

About us

Enedria™ AS is a Norwegian research based biotechnological company working within Life Science. It has developed products addressing health requirements related to modern lifestyle dysfunctions. The unique aspect of our products is the wide range of possible applications of our dietary supplements addressing neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders. Enedria™ AS discovered a crossed skill opportunity through combining different ingredients (Fatty Acids, Peptides, Astaxanthin and L-Carnitine) that independently have a documented potential in increasing the mitochondrial function The key compound is a combination of marine lipids and peptides including a self-developed bioactive algae lipid extract. The effects by combination are additive and synergistic. Numerous studies in animals have established that algae lipid extract and bioactive peptides alone and in combination are very promising substances in relation to ageing and life-style related diseases. Clinical documentation on humans has been performed. Several patents are in force or pending. Some patents have been acquired from the University of Bergen, Norway (2019). A new focused organisation has recently been engaged to drive the above developments forward.

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